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by Katharine Viner and Alan Rickman from the writings of Rachel Corrie

MY NAME IS RACHEL CORRIE is a one-woman play composed from Rachel's own journals, letters and emails—creating a portrait of a messy, articulate, Salvador Dali–loving chain-smoker (with a passion for the music of Pat Benatar), who left her home and school in Olympia, Washington, to risk her life as an activist in the heart of Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

TSP Main Stage - April 21-May 13, 2018
64 East 4th Street, Underground Space, NYC

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This play is a part of TSP's THE WHISTLEBLOWER SERIES, a rotating repertory of three plays about activism against oppression. See all plays in the series for just $15 per play - CLICK HERE.



On March 16, 2003, Rachel Corrie, a twenty-three-year-old American, was crushed to death by an Israeli Army bulldozer in Gaza as she was trying to prevent the demolition of a Palestinian home. In the three sold-out London runs since its Royal Court premiere, the piece has been surrounded by both controversy and impassioned proponents, and it has raised an unprecedented call to support political work and the difficult discourse it creates.


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Rachel Corrie   Erin Cronican*
Writer   from the writings of Rachel Corrie, edited by Katharine Viner and Alan Rickman
Director & Producer   Brandon Walker
Stage Management   Shannon K Formas
Set & Costume Design   Erin Cronican
Lighting Design   John Salutz
Projection Design   L Wilson-Spiro
Assistant Projection Design   Marlee Weinberg
Assistant Production Design   Nickie Dubick
Publicist   Michelle Tabnick PR
* indicates member of Actors' Equity Association



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(Photos by Russ Rowland. Click here or on the photo above for comprehensive photo gallery.)


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Sunday, April 29, 2018 (4:30pm)
Speaker: Leonard Jacobs, The Clyde Fitch Report
Theme: The Intersection of Art and Politics

See the 4:30pm show and then stick around for a talkback that explores the intersection of art and politics in the play, MY NAME IS RACHEL CORRIE. Get your tickets here.

Leonard Jacobs is Founder and Executive Editor of The Clyde Fitch Report, which produces and publishes opinion and reporting at the crossroads of arts and politics. He is also an adjunct professor in Baruch College’s MA in Arts Administration program and has experience both in public service and in the private sector. Find him on social media: @clydefitch


Sunday, May 6, 2018 (4:30pm)
Speaker: Catherine Tinker
Theme: Honoring a fallen hero by immortalizing their work in art

See the 4:30pm show and then stick around for a talkback that explores the intersection of art and politics in the play, MY NAME IS RACHEL CORRIE. Get your tickets here.

Catherine Tinker was born in Des Moines, Iowa and went to college in Minnesota. She is a lawyer and president of two not-for-profit organizations, one at the United Nations and another promoting independence and dignity for older women in NYC.

Catherine is a professor at Seton Hall University in the School of Diplomacy and International Relations,
where she teaches international law, human rights, international environmental law and policy and courses on the United Nations. She lives in NYC and has lived and taught in law schools in Brazil.
She is the daughter of Mildred Tinker, who was best friends with Rachel Corrie’s grandmother, Doris Corrie, from high school and college on through their lives until they both died in their late 90s.



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4/9/18 - "The Whistleblower Series: Feminism, Empathy, and the Female Anti-Hero" - Hedonist/Shedonist

3/29/18 - "The Seeing Place Theater Presents The Whistleblower Series" - Broadway World


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Reviews and Audience Response for MY NAME IS RACHEL CORRIE:


"Rachel Corrie’s words, drawn from her journals and emails and edited by Katherine Viner and Alan Rickman, are divine. Erin Cronican is wonderful as Rachel; funny, self effacing, observant, meticulous, flawed and confused. A production of Rachel’s story, in her own words, is so strong and solid that it does not need the theatrical staging of this production. Trust that an actor on stage with the presence and talent of Ms. Cronican is sufficient. Score: 85" - Holli Harms, The Front Row Center

"It's a sad, sad, sad play to say the least and the actress Erin Cronican does a brilliant job. She has the voice which reflects, youth, joy, human suffering, compassion in an amazing manner. We feel so much for Rachel that we just do not want her to get hurt and we all know the story from the very beginning. We know the ending the moment we sit down. It's extremely moving play but one has to be very strong to sit through it. Wonderfully directed by Brandon Walker. Projections on the walls are also very effective. Erin Cronican is absolutely engrossing throughout.She made me cry." - Bina Shariff, Hi! Drama

"The play is split about evenly between these two portions of Rache Corrie's life, the first largely set within her bedroom in an upper right corner of the performance space, and the latter allowing Ms. Cronican to travel through the rest of the space.The conclusion of this piece was its highest point, but throughout Ms. Cronican did a remarkable job of inhabiting the young, idealistic and compassionate activist. " - Michael Landes, Theater That Matters

"Today I saw -- AND HEARTILY RECOMMEND THAT YOU SEE -- an intense, intelligent, & outstanding one-woman dramatic play -- "MY NAME IS RACHEL CORRIE"-- which is now showing at The Seeing Place. The play is based a very timely and emotionally-impactful true story that is highly relevant to our current times, and I strongly recommend you see it. The play (which originally was a smash in the early 2000's) is titled "MY NAME IS RACHEL CORRIE". And it stars an outstanding, realistic, intensely human, and emotionally powerful performance by the gifted actress, Erin Cronican. IMO, this play is not only gripping and is imbued with a purpose-- it also conveys a HIGHLY RELEVANT MESSAGE FOR ALL OF US TODAY. My suggestion: try to see it with aopen mindn and especially with a FOCUS ON THE VALUE AND IMPORTANCE OF BASIC HUMAN COMPASSION. To me, THAT is the core message of Rachel Corrie's life -- and of the play "MY NAME IS RACHEL CORRIE". See it if you can" - Steven Steinberg, Show Score

"Just a word about The Seeing Place Theater. This is a small repertory company that embodies what this reviewer thinks Off-Off Broadway should be. They are performing a three-play cycle called The Whistleblower Series, which is intended (in their words) to explore “the female protagonist as anti-hero.” They are young, talented, and dedicated to bringing something new to the New York City theater scene. As is always the case, The Seeing Place Theater is existing on a shoestring and needs all the support it can get. I think these people deserve it. Again, go see these plays. This company is worthy of our support." - Jan Ewing, Hi! Drama

"Absorbing, Thought-provoking, Must see, Resonant, Riveting. See it if You value thought-provoking theater that asks critical questions about the world we live in, along with phenomenal acting." - Kat 8122, Show-Score

"Absorbing, Edgy, Intelligent, Intense, Must see. See it if you like politics, especially Israel/Palestine, a first person pov 1-woman show that moves deftly and packs a dramatic punch, this shines! Don't see it if you want something easy, banal, escapist. This is a thought-provoking moving portrait of a young woman becoming a martyr, deserves attention" - Red Bird, Show-Score

"Ambitious, Edgy, Great acting, Intense. See it if You want to see a show that's absorbing and causes you to think" - Member 71876757, Show-Score

"The play begins a little slow but opens up to a beautifully acted, thoughtful, sincere and emotional play about real-life humanitarian, Rachel Corrie whose valiant efforts to change the world for the better, to help those less fortunate than her and facing the daily horrors of war ended tragically. It's told from her own journal entries, letters, lists, emails, notes and more and by the end you feel so close to her and although there are many sides to this very complicated struggle in the Middle East and this is only one side you can understand where her compassion comes from. It is a difficult piece emotionally at times but it's sincerity and beautiful acting and Ms. Corrie's passion for making the world a better place makes this a truly wonderful 90-minute play." - DARTheatreLover, Show-Score

"Great acting, Thought-provoking, Relevant, Riveting, Powerful. See it if You are interested in a well-acted solo show about an activist in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict composed from her own journals & letters. Don't see it if You aren't willing to be open-minded regarding a story that is sympathetic to the Palestinian cause, or don't enjoy serious solo shows. But for those with open minds to the subject matter, it is an intense and moving theatrical experience." - Teresa 6209, Show-Score



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