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Once upon a time theater was created to be 'the seeing place' (Greek translation of the word theatron) - a gathering of a people to talk about socio-political issues of the times, to see themselves reflected in the stories being told. The whole community participated and 'the seeing place' quickly became the mirror holding itself up to humanity, with actors taking their place as vibrant living historians of mankind.

Now, theater as we know it is in danger of becoming extinct, accessible only to the wealthy and so polished that the dizzying depths and rough edges of humanity are wiped squeaky clean.

The Seeing Place Theater is here to rebel against the status quo and bring theater back to its rightful place at the center of the conversation.


Theater that makes a difference.

Theater that you can feel, so real that it haunts you.

Trained Actors. Exciting Actors.

Actors who help you learn something about yourself.

Affordable and Accessible,





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REBEL ($25) - This donation gets you an exclusive invitation to be a part of our TSP Insider Program, with behind the scenes access and Insider perks - plus your name featured on our website and in our programs.
WAVE-MAKER ($100) - This donation gets you all of the perks of the lower levels, plus 5 tickets to see any of our shows or readings this season accompanied by wine and VIP treatment!
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Or... you can become a TSP REVOLUTIONARY : Make a small monthly donation ($5, $10 or $20) and help us revolutionize the "starving artist" mentality in NYC. Your donation will go directly toward providing loving benefits for our artists like food at rehearsals, wellness services during tech week, and just-plain tender loving care.

Choose a Revolutionary Level:

Activist ($5 Monthly): You'll be mailed a TSP Revolutionary Card that gets you discounts at local restaurants & shops and online services.

Radical ($10 Monthly): The perks above, plus early priority seating when you show it at our box office.

Anarchist ($20 Monthly): The perks above, plus free refreshments at our mainstage shows.


TO JOIN: Click the Revolutionary Icon above and choose "Donate Now," then select "Today and Every Month." Your membership is good for one season, and can be renewed as many seasons as you'd like.

BUSINESSES & ORGANIZATIONS: Are you a business owner who is interested sponsoring The Seeing Place? Download our sponsorship guide here.


DYING CITY by Christopher Shinn
(The Seeing Place, Season 5)


TWO ROOMS by Lee Blessing
(The Seeing Place, Season 5)

"An event unlike anything you've seen before."- New York Theatre Review

"A deeply compelling richly provocative theatrical venture."- Talkin' Broadway



Your gift goes directly to the art we create, the artists who tell our stories, and helps us subsidize ticket prices so that everyone can afford to come to the theater. With our goal of $20,000, we'll also be able to:

• Start a brand new education program for adults and youths
• Increase the salaries and benefits for all of our artists
• Revitalize our neighborhood by engaging the local businesses and residents in community events and cultural activities
• Donate ticket packages to community organizations, including Greenwich House (a social service organization for seniors) and Manhattan Plaza (a low income housing project for artists.)

It will also go toward the production costs of our seventh season, which includes 3 mainstage plays and a free reading series that will make a huge social impact (announcement coming soon!)



Thanks to fervent arts lovers like you, 2015 was a banner year for The Seeing Place. Three of our five 2015 productions were awarded honors by respected publications:

- BOY GETS GIRL was named "Best of 2015 Off and Off Off Broadway Theater" by Howard Miller of Talkin' Broadway.

- GIDION'S KNOT and THE PILLOWMAN were given Honorable Mentions in Manhattan with a Twist's "Top Off and Off Off Broadway Productions of 2015."

In 2015 we employed 42 actors, 10 directors & assistant directors, 5 stage managers, and mentored 50 ensemble members in our unique self-producer training program. This team created visceral and compelling productions of 5 master works by William Shakespeare, Rebecca Gilman, Howard Korder, Johnna Adams and Martin McDonagh to sold out houses of over 2500 patrons.

Our ensemble also sank its teeth into our 1 Year Residency with the Clarion Theatre, where we made a huge impact for the artists, patrons and the community:

• We renovated the theater's lobby, making it a cozy and inviting space for all artists and patrons who frequent the theater.

• We redecorated the theater's terrace with fresh plants, candles, exterior lighting and comfortable seating.

• We repaired audience seats & bathroom doors, repainted the theater's walls & floors, and upgraded the dressing rooms & kitchen with fans, a microwave, and coffeemaker.

• We completely rewired the theater's lighting plot and sound system to improve the theater's technical elements for all visiting companies.

• We involved 8 local businesses as sponsorship partners and brought the Kips Bay Neighborhood Association in for an important talkback about the arts scene on the Lower East Side.


The Seeing Place Theater in ACTION (via Instagram):


Jeff Gaster, Patron Review on Theatermania- "Five stars! You should see one of the most remarkable and captivating off-off Broadway productions that you will find this summer. A script packed with drama and mystery, and characters that take on unique and endearing personalities--every one still memorable the day after. A great little theater company, The Seeing Place, has made a warm welcoming home in Kips Bay, the most unlikely place to expect to find a theater. This theater company may be small, but they have big and devoted hearts. Last year, they featured productions of two very endearing and unforgettable installments of the Laramie Project. Now, get thee to the show, get thee to the show on time!"


More Art. More Connections. More Impact.

Help us reach our $20K Goal by Donating Now:

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BOY GETS GIRL by Rebecca Gilman
(The Seeing Place, Season 6)


BOYS' LIFE by Howard Korder
(The Seeing Place, Season 6)

"Outstanding Revivals."- A Seat on the Aisle (for BOY GETS GIRL and BOYS' LIFE)

"With this pair of plays, The Seeing Place and its founders display a remarkable level of maturity as a theatrical enterprise in this, only its sixth season. This is definitely a company to watch."- Talkin' Broadway (for BOY GETS GIRL and BOYS' LIFE)




"In these recession strapped times, it's the best deal on or off Broadway." - Will Kenton, Cultural Capitol

"How often does the opportunity arise to see one of the greatest American playwright's work produced by a company that takes their work as seriously as this one does, and delivers results that prove how effective that work is?" - Toby Ring Thelin, Theatre Knights (& Daze)

"The Seeing Place has proved to be a bold and spirited force in independent theater, producing thoughtful works that are timelessly relevant to our cultural moment...I’ve never seen a company that felt so present and so invested in their work." - Sara Zweig, Letters from the Mezzanine

"I hope that The Seeing Place Theater continues to push the boundaries of theater in the off off Broadway community by producing thought-provoking, smart, and well-acted theatre. Oh, and tickets are only $15. You really can’t beat that.” - Zak Risinger, Theatre is Easy

(See more reviews on our Press Page)



Letter of thanks for the Matthew Shepard Foundation - click to enlarge


Thank you for your support of The Seeing Place Theater! We are excited about how far we have come and hope that you will help us go even further. We especially hope that you will come see what we have to offer – and spread the word to your friends. Theater cannot exist without a community. We're grateful to have you as a part of ours.

If you have any questions about donating, please email Managing Director, Erin Cronican.


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More Art. More Connections. More Impact.

Help us reach our $20K Goal by Donating Now:

Donate now!


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