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“Reputation is an idle and most false imposition;
oft got without merit, and lost without deserving.”

To kick off a season that explores gender warfare, victim shaming, racial bias and police corruption, The Seeing Place Theater brings you Shakespeare's timeless drama, OTHELLO. Staged in modern dress with a deep focus on the language, this story is brought to life through the lens of one central dilemma:


How can your ego survive when
“the other” stands in your way?


February 26 - March 15, 2015
Tue-Sat @ 7pm; Sun @ 2pm

The Seeing Place @ the Clarion Theater
309 East 26th St (at 2nd Ave), NYC



After Othello, a black Arab, is made General and appointed leader of a wartime military operation, he chooses a scholar as his lieutenant and marries a powerful senator's daughter without his consent. Sick of being passed over, Othello's closest friend and best soldier uses his influence to make a deadly point.

This production of OTHELLO is visceral, immediate, and spoken in a way that anyone can understand. “We live in a world that pretends it is accepting of others, while silently or overtly belittling people we do not understand, “ says TSP Artistic Director, Brandon Walker. “It is not just a black play - our ensemble is exploring this story as it relates to all of us today, particularly in our current climate of strained Arab/American relations. OTHELLO’s themes highlight a strong need for empathy with respect to all races, genders, economic classes and religious beliefs.

Click here to buy tickets to this iconic play about love, lust, jealousy and power.


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Production Photos - Click for Slideshow

(Photos by Justin Hoch. Click here or on a photo above for comprehensive photo gallery.)


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Reviews for OTHELLO!:

Scott Mitchell, What's On Off Broadway - "To see [OTHELLO] again in this Shakespearian version is refreshing and powerful...This OTHELLO is played eloquently by this capable cast. A key metric, for me, when viewing a Shakespeare play is to see if the members are simply reciting their lines in cadence, which is difficult enough, or actually living those lines. This cast lives in this space during the show and it comes through their performance...Logan Keeler does an excellent job as Cassio. He is a friend of Desdemona and obviously very affectionate towards her. Desdemona (a terrific Erin Cronican) is so in love with Othello that she doesn’t even notice Cassio’s attentions."

Claire Buchignani, Center on the Aisle - "Right off the bat, The Seeing Place Theater makes it known that these won’t be the typical interpretations of some of the Bards most famous players...Don’t worry my drama lovers, you will get your fill as you watch the slow unraveling of Othello (played by Ian Moses Eaton) as he becomes the monster the racist society was accusing him to be...Iago (played by Brandon Walker) [has] an interesting twist on this role which I appreciated...brought humor to his character where usually the actor stays put in the “I’m an evil genius” realm and even more interesting, this Iago seems to truly be just “another one of the guys”, until the end when his true colors are revealed to everyone else...Overall, it is just nice seeing this piece done in a new way and being able to capture the modern audience. I truly appreciate what this company is trying to accomplish."

Sara Zweig, Letters from the Mezzanine - "The reliably innovative and earnest Seeing Place Theater company begins its sixth season with a modern take on a Shakespearean classic...I am happy to report that Othello was extremely accessible and quite accommodating to the new viewer and Shakespeare fanatic alike. I was able to comprehend near everything in the play and leave satisfied with having digested the play’s nuances and complexities...Much of this credit is attributable to the production’s cast. Ian Moses Eaton gives a tremendous portrayal of Othello’s descent into paranoia, extremism, and jealousy...Company founders Erin Cronican and Brandon Walker also contribute greatly to the production’s energy. Cronican is a naturally sympathetic Desdemona. Her presence onstage edifies the scenes around her with genuine sincerity. Walker takes on Iago with slick relish...The Othello experience was satisfying one, and I am excited to see what else lies in store for this exciting company’s new season."

Leslie DiLeo, Hi!Drama - "OTHELLO is richly served by The Seeing Place’s focus on each individual character’s development and the emphasis on the human behavior among the characters onstage. While the lead characters (Othello, Iago and Desdemona) always garner most of the attention, the ensemble members get their due here as well. The language is handled in a modern way, seemingly tailored to the actors’ most natural delivery style for his character. Generally, this works very well and brings a sense of present-day relevance to the plot. The performance space is streamlined and small (but balanced) which is ideal both for scenes of intimate intensity and explosive action—both of which this show contains. The actors’ movements have not been strictly blocked, but develop organically each night. This lends an electricity to the action among the characters onstage and between the actors and the audience. This Othello is fresh, entertaining and ever-relevant and the attention to every detail of the show from the acting to the pensive music to the clever staging of Othello and Desdemona’s deathbed to Desdemona’s wedding veil is obvious. Kips Bay is lucky to have this Theater Company in its ‘hood. See this show!"

Cindy Pierre, Theatre is Easy - "Passionate and Bold! The Seeing Place’s production of Othello is an exciting exhibition of what modern Shakespeare can be...Walker and Cronican's direction does a great job of making Othello exciting. Characters pop out from the audience, and suddenly, patrons are being interacted with in a fun, engaging way...The heart and drive of the ensemble and all the hard work that they put into this show is worth experiencing."

JK Clarke, Theater Pizzazz - "Directors Erin Cronican and Brandon Walker have put together a strong production, with some nice touches...The most important aspect of this production is the earnest and enthusiastic cast. The production offers an excellent opportunity for these actors to take on these complex, dialog-heavy roles. Furthermore, it’s especially satisfying seeing older actors in the play, and in roles suited to their age, particularly John D’Arcangelo, a former steelworker with a Brooklyn affect who plays Brabantio, the senator and Desdemona’s father... like a vitriolic Godfather."

Arpita Mukherjee, Stage Buddy - "What I found unfolding on stage was an experiment in storytelling and a distinct artistic process. At the center of the play, where this is most apparent, is Iago, played by Brandon Walker, who has also co-directed the work with Erin Cronican, who plays Desdemona. Walker’s Iago literally makes the play happen. He exposes his plan with grit and determination in verse and in the manipulation of the set, putting together and taking apart two large wooden boxes that act as desks, bars, and the fatal bed. Cronican plays her own part with a similar self-assuredness, pulling and pushing at Othello (Ian Moses Eaton) and Cassio. In one of the best scenes of the play, where before the arrival of Othello, much of the group waits, Iago recites the verse with his guitar, interrupted by Desdemona at junctures as if they were prompts to aid the creation of an impromptu song. Cronican and Walker are in full command here, and it forces the audience to listen to the verse...I left the production thinking anew about Shakespeare in general, for often his words turn into repeated fables and it is a dare indeed to do something new with it."

Chris McKittrick, Daily Actor - "Several years ago I predicted that The Seeing Place Theater would outgrow its home in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan, and the group’s sixth season has proven me right. Of course, I’m not going to quit my day job and become a fortuneteller – anybody who has ever seen any of The Seeing Place’s high-quality productions over the last six seasons would have likely come to the same conclusion...If you cannot make The Seeing Place’s production of Othello (and I recommend you do), considering helping the company reach its goal of making the Clarion Theatre its permanent home. Despite being in a city as full of stages as New York is, Kips Bay is woefully in need of a company as daring and talented as The Seeing Place is creating art in their neighborhood."

Rachael Heather, The Public Reviews - "Several actors possessed substantial talents for their roles. Othello, played by Ian Moses Easton, really hit his stride in the later half of the play exuding charm, strength and a firm grasp of the language. Desdemona (also dir. Erin Cronican) delivered a well-balanced performance being both believable and relate able to a contemporary audience. Cassio played by Logan Keeler and Emilia played by Lila Smith were also solid supporting members of the cast...what clearly shines through is a group of passionate performers who clearly enjoy collaborating and who celebrate the actor’s process."

Jean Tait, ELJ - "In our “post racial” country with an African-American president, racism and bigotry are alive and thriving, sadly making OTHELLO as relevant as ever. Choosing to take a bite out of such a meaty chunk of especially courageous for a young theatre company...Ian Moses Eaton makes a fine Othello...Co-director Erin Cronican is very good as Desdemona, with a modern demeanor that never conflicts with the language, but enriches it...The small space was extremely well utilized by the production design (also by Brandon Walker and Erin Cronican) and lighting by Duane Pagano. For such a small group, The Seeing Place Theatre has a lot of talent, potential and enthusiasm."

Linda Buchwald, Pataphysical Science - "[Even] if you've seen the play in the past, it's still worth checking out now. The actors delivered their lines in a way I was able to understand more clearly than I have before...The staging is exciting, especially during the booze-filled, raucous scenes. For anyone who wonders why Shakespeare plays are still so frequently performed, this production proves why they continue to be relevant."

Yasmin Seddon, Patron Review Facebook - "Shakespeare can be heavy and indigestible but this production was mesmerizing from start to finish. Ian Moses Eaton convincingly played the jealous passionate Othello and Erin Cronican was Desdemona, their performance was electric and should be given an award for their commitment."

Matt King, Patron Review Time Out NY - "A very cool space in Kip's Bay and great use of it during the modern-dress portrayal of Shakespeare's Othello. I personally can't understand a word of Shakespeare to the point that I probably need subtitles. But The Seeing Place's actors connect, commit and convey the emotions of the characters so well, that even the Shakespeare-illiterate can become engrossed in the story. It's such an exciting show and only $15. $15, in Kip's Bay, to see very talented artists and their work. I felt like a stole something having paid so few dollars. This is thanks to The Seeing Place's Community Value Mission. Go, support them, and yourself with an awe-inspiring show."

Chris S, Patron Review Time Out NY - "I loved this performance! I loved especially that TSP expertly weilded much of the original language - because why mess with so good a thing??? - but modernized elements such as dress and setting. Can be hard to find in the City - performances preserving the brilliance of classical texts and dialogue, while modernizing other elements. Excellent acting and production overall, and at such a value. I liked this Iago better than in the Lawrence Fishborne film version - the severity of his duplicity was still so shocking as it went on! Hope this theater keeps TSP on for a long time."

Taylor Yess, Patron Review Time Out NY - "A fabulous show whether you're a Shakespeare connoisseur or novice. The energy and emotions are unrelenting. A fabulous show and cast, you will not be dissappointed. Bring your friends!"

Roddy Clemente, Patron Review Time Out NY - "Really great performance, very cool slant on Othello and quite a pertinent show given the current social environment of our country today. The actors were strong and their emotions were palpable!"

Shawn Rodriguez, Patron Review Time Out NY - "A phenomenal experience that no theater lover should miss. Every member of this incredibly talented cast puts on a deeply emotional, resonant, memorable, and nuanced performance. Go see it, and bring your friends. You won't be disappointed."

Donna Kendall Stearns, Patron Review Time Out NY - "There are a lot of things I really liked about TSP’s“Othello” – particularly how they made the language clear and understandable. That said, my admiration of their company goes even deeper, because I’m also the composer of “The Willow Song” which Erin Cronican sings so beautifully as Desdemona. I applaud TSP for integrating original music! Many times Off-Off Broadway theatre productions don’t involve composers. Instead, songs might get cut from plays. For the functional songs that can’t be cut, sometimes actors are asked to simply make up something on the spot. I’m so grateful that TSP recognizes that composers are one of the many contributing talents that make up a show. I was so happy that they gave me the opportunity, and then after seeing the performance, I’m even happier to be part of their beautiful production!"

Abigail Hartley, Patron Review Time Out NY - "Excellent production in intimate setting....really draws you into the story - fabulous acting, very well done. Can absolutely recommend."

John G, Patron Review Time Out NY - "I hope you can see The Seeing Place's great production of Othello. The cast really makes it their own and bring a lot of passion and clarity to the parts they play. Overall it's an engaging and well done evening."

Diane L, Patron Review Time Out NY - "A wonderful interpretation of Shakespeare reflecting our modern day struggles. Thought the minimalistic set design and powerful music in the background helped the truthful performances to excel, recommend it to all Shakespeare fans. "

Dagmar R, Patron Review Time Out NY - "It was quite surprising to find such a gem in the middle of the city. Passionate and contemporary. Loved it. "

Vivian Landau, Patron Review Time Out NY - "I saw this production Friday night. It has a very fine cast with some standout performances. It was understandable. All the actors have good languageskills and the company makes good use of their space. It's worth seeing!!"

Pavan Carter, Patron Review Time Out NY - "I've always loved off theater productions and Shakespeare, and TSP's "Othello" did not disappoint. They made it modern and entertaining and kept me enthralled and kept a good pace with the energy and passion from the performer."

Barry Grayson, Patron Review Time Out NY - "I found the language in this production of Shakespeare's Othello to be totally accessible. The production is both engaging and moving. The actors deliver a spectacular performance. We are so fortunate to have the Seeing Place Theater in our Kips Bay neighborhood at the Clarion Theatre."


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Wednesday, March 4, 2015- Talkback: "The 'Othered' Americans"
Immediately follow show- Speaker: Qamrosh Khan

This talkback will be an intimate post-show discussion about Qamrosh's personal experiences being treated as "other" as a Muslim American, confronting prejudice in everyday life. Qamrosh will lead the audience through a conversation about the way we see and treat Muslims in the U.S. and what the potential implications of this may be for all Americans.

From Qamrosh: "Part of the reason I decided to take off my hijab was because of being treated differently. It's still a very sore spot for me. I wanted to practice my religion for God/modesty, but as much as this country says we are 'free' to be who we are and practice our religions, I still had to deal with the reality of people treating me differently while wearing it."

Qamrosh Khan is a Middle School and High School English teacher in New York City. She holds a Bachelors degree in English Literature with a concentration in creative writing, and a Masters degree in English Adolescent Education (grades 7-12). Her interests include writing short fiction & poetry, teaching, her love for the theater, and is currently working on her novel. Her goal is to provide inspiration through her writing, and build togetherness, and tolerance between people and communities around the world. She has recently created her own blog cite to inspire and address issues that people go through in everyday life at:


Tuesday, March 10, 2015 - Talkback: "Casting Actors of Color"
Immediately following show- Speaker: Jamil Mangan

This talkback will be an intimate post-show discussion about exploring artistic opportunities and storytelling by casting actors of color. The Seeing Place always tries to embrace diversity across ages, genders, colors and ethnic backgrounds. We are excited to share what our efforts have been and to learn from Jamil on behalf of Casting Actors of Color what more we can all be doing to address the needs of the industry and community.

Casting Actors of Color [CAC], created by Jamil Mangan, is a community of Artists with diverse ethnic backgrounds formed to promote, educate, inform, and support each other in the pursuit of artistic excellence. CAC is driven by its over 20,000 social media subscribers who post castings, event information, and classes. CAC promotes diversity in the performing arts, while catering to today's and future Artists.


Wednesday, March 11, 2015 - Talkback: "Revitalizing Kips Bay with the Arts"
Immediately following show- Speaker: Karen Lee, Kips Bay Neighborhood Association

This talkback will be an intimate post-show discussion about the value of bringing the arts to the east side of Manhattan, and what we as a community can do to revitalize Kips Bay, which has the potential of becoming an artist mecca much like the West Village in the 1960s and 1970s. The association will be joined by community leaders and businesses who will talk about the future of The Seeing Place and the Clarion Theatre as vital parts of the development of Manhattan's East Side.

The Kips Bay Neighborhood Association, initially formed in 1915, is a volunteer member group of local residents, renters, property owners and businesses who live or work in the Kips Bay neighborhood. Their members remain dedicated to preserving the quality of life enjoyed by the Kips Bay community.


Thursday, March 12, 2015 - Talkback: "Love in Black and White"
Immediately following show- Speaker: Lasheen Williams

This talkback will be an intimate post-show discussion about Lasheen's personal experiences with interracial relationships. Lasheen will lead the audience through a conversation about the way we still see and treat interracial couples in the U.S., long after Shakespeare wrote about it.

From Lasheen: "…I was messaging a few women. One white girl responded, 'What makes you think that you can date a race that will never accept you and never want you?' "

Lasheen Williams was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, in the East New York section. As a child, he had limited exposure to other cultures but had the drive to branch out from his neighborhood and broaden his horizons. As an adult, in the "dating game" his preference is Caucasian females. Throughout his dating experiences and life in general, he has encountered numerous roadblocks, negativity, and profiling, but he doesn't allow them to stop him in his pursuit. He is currently in a loving long-term relationship.


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CAST (in alphabetical order):

Esther Chen (as Montano / 1st Senator) Esther was recently seen in ROMEO AND JULIET (Fools & Kings Project), MISS SAIGON, SHREK, ANNIE GET YOUR GUN (Sondheim Center for the Performing Arts), DOWNWARD FACING DEBBIE (Planet Connections; Nom. Outstanding Supporting Actress), HEDDA GABLER, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, HOLLYWOOD ICONS, BRIGHT IDEAS, STREET SCENE (Michael Howard Studios), MOVING LANDSCAPE (Terra Incognita), THE TRIANGLE PROJECT (NYU), THE SOUNDS OF MY PEOPLE (Columbia Stages), INTERRUPTED (Irondale/WorldWideLab), "Redrum, Most Evil" (Investigation Discovery), and several independent films.
Erin Cronican* (as Desdemona) Favorite credits with The Seeing Place: THE LARAMIE PROJECT (Mercedes Herrero Track/Co-Director); DYING CITY (Kelly); MEN IN WHITE (Laura Hudson/Director); HAMLET (Ophelia/Co-Director), A LIE OF THE MIND (Beth), DANNY AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA (Roberta), and CLOSER (Anna). Regional favorites: THE LAST FIVE YEARS, ANGELS IN AMERICA, WIT, SUBWAYS ARE FOR SLEEPING, and EVITA. She has appeared on “Veronica Mars,” and “One Life to Live,” and can be seen in Paul Giamatti’s film, “Cold Souls” (among others.) Proud member of AEA & SAG-AFTRA. Learn more at
John D'Arcangelo (as Brabantio / Gratiano) went to Ithaca College, studied in London, and received his BFA in acting (Magna cum laude with department honors). A list of his favorite roles must include: A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Nick Bottom); Twelfth Night (Sir Toby Belch); A Streetcar Named Desire (Mitch); The Boys Next Door (Norman Bulanski); The Man Who Came To Dinner (Sheridan Whiteside); Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf (George); 1776 (Ben Franklin); The Normal Heart (Ned Weeks); The Lisbon Traviata (Mendy); Orphans (Harold); Lend Me A Tenor (Saunders); The Diary of Anne Frank (Mr. VonDann); Beyond Therapy (Bruce); Opera Play (Umberto Eccarazzi); Masquerade (Mario); Geeks! The Musical (Mel) and Blood Privilege (King Matthias).
Lex Daemon (as Lodovico / 2nd Senator) is a native New Yorker and has been involved in theatre for a number of years. He has played Lysander in A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, Antonio in TWELFTH NIGHT, the Effeminate Man in AGONY OF ECSTASY and Boothe in TOP DOG/UNDER DOG. Additionally he has done workshops of several classical and absurdist plays.
Ian Moses Eaton* (as Othello) credits his enrichment in theater beginning at Harlem School of the Arts, studying voice, violin, and acting as a youngster. He continued studying acting at LaGuardia High School (Fame High), and graduated with a BFA in Acting from City College. Some of his favorite roles include Charlie Parker in FLIGHT, at the Metropolitan Theatre, Young Glynn on HBO’s "Oz", Esteban in DAY OF THE KINGS at INTAR, and performing TARA'S CROSSING at The Lucille Lortel and BROKE at La Mama.
Brisa Freitas (as Bianca/Messenger) After graduating from Cornell University, Brisa moved to LA to work in film and commercials. But after a year and a half, she missed theater too much and made the move to NYC to shift her focus to theater, her first love. She's studied improv at the United Citizens Brigade and has worked on a number of different projects both in film and theater in NYC. Having recently completed a tour with CLIMB Theatre, an educational children's theater, she is excited to be back in the city with The Seeing Place, where she is also producing a web series called TYPE CAST.
Logan Keeler (as Cassio) joined The Seeing Place in 2013. This is his fourth show with the group following MEN IN WHITE as Dr. Pete Bradley, the role of Michael in TWO ROOMS and the Andy Paris track in THE LARAMIE PROJECT. Recent productions include THREEPENNY OPERA, NEXT TO NORMAL, HARVEY, and his Off-Broadway debut as Bernie Bartok in the first revival of MONEY: THE MUSICAL. Logan is a graduate of Connecticut College and The William Esper Studio in New York City and studied at The British American Drama Academy in London.
Daniel Michael Perez (as Roderigo) is an actor, writer and director based out of New York City. He's studied acting at the William Esper Studios, The Barrow Group and improvisation at the Upright Citizens Brigade. He made his professional acting debut playing Roddey in The Seeing Place Theater's production of THREE SISTERS and his directorial debut with DOG SEES GOD: CONFESSIONS OF A TEENAGE BLOCKHEAD at The Barrow Group Theater.
Lila Smith* (as Emilia) is so proud to be working with The Seeing Place. She is a born and raised New York City girl, whose professional performing experience in the last five years has mostly been in other states, so it’s great to be performing this close-to-home material on a home-city-stage with this incredible cast and crew. Lila is also Co-Founder and Executive Director of Shakespeare Anywhere, an event services company with a focus on classical performance talent. Proud member of Actors’ Equity Association.
Carla Torgrimson* (as Duke / Herald) has worked for many years in most aspects of performing – mainly Theater, TV commercials and film, and has directed several one acts. She recently appeared in MILE ZERO, a one woman piece written for her. Carla has appeared in five Shakespeare plays, her favorite being the Nurse in ROMEO AND JULIET. Other favorites were Queen Hecuba in THE TROJAN WOMENand the Demented Granny in the CURBOW FAMILY CHRISTMAS. Carla played the Oil Baron’s wife in the soon-to-be-released feature "79 Parts."
Brandon Walker* (as Iago) is an NYIT nominated actor for his work in The Seeing Place's DANNY AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA. Other previous shows with The Seeing Place: DYING CITY (Craig/Peter); THE LARAMIE PROJECT (Stephen Belber Track); MEN IN WHITE (Dr. Ferguson); HAMLET (Hamlet); ROSENCRANTZ AND GUILDENSTERN ARE DEAD (Hamlet); A LIE OF THE MIND (Jake), LOVE SONG (Beane), THE CREDEAUX CANVAS (Winston), WHEN WE HAVE GONE ASTRAY (Ira), WAITING FOR LEFTY (Sid), LOOK BACK IN ANGER (Jimmy), TWELFTH NIGHT (Malvolio), CLOSER (Dan), THREE SISTERS (Andrey), and THE LOVER (Richard). He has worked with The Old Globe, La Jolla Playhouse, Poor Players, New Village Arts, Moxie Theatre, ion Theater, North Coast Rep, Sierra Rep, and Barnstormers Theater. Member AEA. Training: David Gideon.
Mary Ruth Baggott (as Female Understudy) is originally from South Carolina, Graduate of Circle in the Square and College of Charleston. Credits include REFLECTIONS OF A HEART (Harold Clurman/Theater Row) LIGHTNING FROM HEAVEN; SUGAR PLUM; PARISH DUNKELD (Workshop Theater Company), Marianne in TARTUFFE (Upstate Shakespeare Festival), Karen in PSYCH (TIC Theater), Connie in COME BLOW YOUR HORN (Millbrook Playhouse), and HERMIA/SNOUT/COBWEB in A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM (Circle in the Square PW).
Alex Witherow (as Male Understudy) is a New York City-based stage, TV, and film actor and has lived in the city since 2013. He previously was a part of the Washington, DC regional theatre scene where he performed at a variety of venues. In New York, he has appeared at La MaMa ETC, the Chain Theater and more recently has appeared in two feature films. Favorite roles include: Tony Parker (Die! Mommie! Die!), Mr. James (Marathon '33), Diesel (West Side Story) amongst many others. He has trained with Karl Bury, Larry Moss and at the William Esper Studio. He has amazing luck and was able to get a rent-stabilized lease in the East Village where he currently resides.
* = Member of AEA

Creative Team:


Brandon Walker - Brandon has served as The Seeing Place Theater's Artistic Director since 2009. Before moving to New York, he was the Associate Artistic Director of Poor Players Theatre Company in San Diego for six years, where he acted in over 20 Shakespearean productions. He has also produced with Life Out Loud and Actors Alliance of San Diego. He is a award winning actor, director, producer, acting coach, playwright, singer, musician, and composer. He was recently nominated for a New York Innovative Theatre Award for Outstanding Actor in a Lead Role for his performance as Danny in The Seeing Place Theater's Off-Broadway production of Danny and the Deep Blue Sea. Brandon has directed six plays and several readings with The Seeing Place, where he has also acted in 13 productions and led several workshops of new plays - most notably the World Premieres of Scotch Kiss and When We Have Gone Astray, which were both written for The Seeing Place Ensemble and developed through improvisation.


Erin Cronican - Erin is an award-winning producer and director, including Judd Lear Silverman's two character play, Correct Address (Actors Alliance Festival - Outstanding Direction, Outstanding Production, and Outstanding Acting awards for both actors), and Edward Musto's Shutterbug (Midtown International Theater Festival.) Erin has also directed 6 plays for The Seeing Place: BOYS' LIFE, LOVE SONG, MISS JULIE, MEN IN WHITE, ROSENCRANTZ & GUILDENSTERN ARE DEAD, THE STRANGER, and co-directed 2 plays: THE LARAMIE PROJECT and OTHELLO.

Assistant Director

Mary Ruth Baggott - Mary Ruth is originally from South Carolina, Graduate of Circle in the Square and College of Charleston. Credits include REFLECTIONS OF A HEART (Harold Clurman/Theater Row) LIGHTNING FROM HEAVEN; SUGAR PLUM; PARISH DUNKELD (Workshop Theater Company), Marianne in TARTUFFE (Upstate Shakespeare Festival), Karen in PSYCH (TIC Theater), Connie in COME BLOW YOUR HORN (Millbrook Playhouse), and HERMIA/SNOUT/COBWEB in A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM (Circle in the Square PW).
Stage Management

Candice Oden - Credits with The Seeing Place include: Carla (BOYS' LIFE); Stage Manager for BOY GETS GIRL and OTHELLO. National Tours: MUSIC OF THE NIGHT (Eva Peron), LULLABY OF BROADWAY (Eva Peron), THE QUEST (Everyone Else). Los Angeles Workshops: BLACK DENIM TROUSERS & MOTORCYCLE BOOTS (Janet), SAMMY: A MUSICAL (Lady Captain), SHEBA THE MUSICAL (Irit). New York Workshops/Readings: AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN (Pre-Broadway workshop) and THE BEAR (reading with The Seeing Place.) Regional Theatre: HOT MIKADO (Pitti-Sing), A WELK MUSICAL CHRISTMAS (Featured Vocalist), CINDERELLA (Fairy Godmother [Inland Theatre League Award, Best Actress]),THE GOODBYE GIRL (Melanie), THE WIZARD OF OZ and more. Improv: Little Britches (Co-Founder and performer), Brooklyn Improv Group, Accomplice The Show (Village & NY). Member: AEA, SAG-AFTRA



Lighting Design

Duane Pagano - Duane is single, Sagittarean, lives with roommates, and enjoys short walks across a moonlit stage. Recent winner of the 2011 NYIT Award for Outstanding Lighting Design, (nominated also for Set Design.) You can see a lot of his work. including upcoming projects by Googling him. He’s readily available for your weddings or bar mitzvah (as a guest, of course.) Thank you for reading this far. As always, he dedicates his work to his biggest fan.

Original Music

"The Willow Song" - composed by Donna Kendall Stearns and available for licensing (additional Shakespeare songs available.) Contact or 917-856-0635.

Donna is an award-winning composer, Resident Composer of Shakespeare Saturdays, and an AEA/SAG-AFTRA actor. Her R&B song “First Dance” was an entry in the 1st Round of the 42nd Annual Grammy Awards Nominating Ballot for Best R&B Song of the Year and received a Billboard Honorable Mention. Visit her website at and learn where to buy downloads of this R&B wedding song as well as her astronomy songs – just click the Music Tab on her site.

Fight Choreography

Teddy Lytle - Teddy received his B.A. in Theater and Music from Muhlenberg College and has been working in NYC as a fight choreographer and an actor since.  Having studied under Fight Master Michael Chin for eight years, Teddy is now recognized as an  Advanced Actor Combatant in the Society of American Fight Directors.


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Articles about OTHELLO


Click here to download the electronic press kit


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