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Scroll down to read what critics and audiences have been saying about Brian Friel's lively translation of Anton Chekhov's masterpiece.

Directed by Brandon Walker

March 9-25, 2012
The Seeing Place @ ATA's Sargent Theater

With Alan Altschuler, Kathleen Brower, Brian Byus,
Lee Cavellier, Michael Stephen Clay, Erin Cronican,
Mary Lahti, Justin Kress, Ned Baker Lynch, Daniel Perez,
Elisa Pupko, David Sedgwick, Daniela Thome,
and Brandon Walker.

The Seeing Place Theater, known for intensely intimate ensemble work, brings you Brian Friel’s charming retelling of Anton Chekhov’s beloved story.

In this classic story of desire and frustration, three army daughters stuck in a rural backwater, long to get to the big city where, they imagine, their lives will be transformed and fulfilled. But as their brother's new, social-climbing wife vies for control over the estate, they distract themselves with work, potential suitors, and secret love affairs - which threaten to pull them further from one another and the happiness they crave.

(Photos by Peter Dressel. Click image for production photos.)



Christian Leadley, - "Impressively, The Seeing Place theater company’s 'Three Sisters' manages to wring laughs out of even the most somber and tortured of Chekhov’s texts. Enter Director and Founder of The Seeing Place, Brandon Walker. Leading an ensemble of actors, he serves up this dusty tragedy with a side of humor. Walker dares to step out in faith, taking the play in a bold new direction...The Seeing Place’s The Three Sisters is sure to fulfill all your Indie Theater desires, delivering a piece that entertains and challenges if you’re willing to keep an open mind."

Will Kenton, Cultural Capitol - "The strength of this company is in its actors... Their low ticket prices make this classic drama a very affordable way to see real human beings and the plenitude of emotional experience that implies. That is a true gift in a world drowning in digital abstraction."

Chris McKittrick, Daily Actor - "Since this is an ensemble piece it’s difficult to single out members of the cast for praise. Had only one cast member been less-than-stellar the entire production would suffer, as this play can only be performed successfully with the type of chemistry that The Seeing Place demonstrates... This is the second production I have reviewed from The Seeing Place, and I haven’t seen a better indie theater value out there yet."

Joseph Samuel Wright, Theater Online - "Three Sisters is one of the great challenges in the Western dramatic cannon, and the Seeing Place makes a noble attempt to tackle the play. Their ambition affords them many opportunities to excel in moments... The Seeing Place is obviously a commendable, ensemble-focused company whose dedication to cultivating the company audience is matched by a concern for their audience by making tickets affordable ($12)."

"WKSTAXPREP", Patron review via Theatermania - "I attended the show with a friend on March 17th, which happened to be St. Patrick's Day. I fought my way through traffic, and I was happy that I did because seeing the 3 Sisters play was a very pleasant and entertaining show. There was excellent chemistry among all the actors who seemed very passionate about their work and it was evident that they put in a lot of rehearsal time in order to deliver such a compelling performance. I look forward to future plays that will include this particular ensemble,"

"mcv_", Patron review via Theatermania - "When I saw this show, I was grateful for seeing behaviour and relationships. It always a joy to see actors live on stage. My biggest fear when it comes to Chekhov is watching actors talk. But in The Seeing Place's version, this was not the case. Extra kudos for having the humor in the text come across! Can't wait to see the next show. I look forward to following this company's growth."

"ElCharlie", Patron review via Theatermania - "I wholeheartedly agree with all the good things that have been said about this show by previous posters. Go See This Show! You only have 'til the end of this weekend. Brandon Walker masterfully orchestrates this brilliant ensemble towards a moving, heartbreaking and humorous performance in a way that is undeniably Chekhov. Simply wonderful!"

"SingMer86", Patron review viaTheatermania - "This production is in its most artistic form. It creates a portrait that makes you feel something. You can tell this is Indie theater and at its finest. The Seeing Place encourages you to suspend your disbelief beyond imagination for simple props are not used. The clock on Olga's desk is a block of wood with the word clock written on it. While it is somewhat challenging to the spectator I believe it sends the message theater is not about pretty clocks or picture frames or materials. It's about the words, the people, and the reality they create. This company is filled with some fine talent. Kathleen Brower as Natasha plays evil like it;s scratched into her DNA. Elisa Pupko as Irina is charming, Erin Cronican and Daniela Thome as Masha and Olga respectively are convincing and determined. Perhaps the most amazing performance not just on but off the stage is Brandon Walker. He plays Andrey in the show and is the Director, Producer, Artistic Director and Founder of The Seeing Place Theatre. There are so many elements that go into a production like finding the actors, the space, and organizing rehearsals that I can't imagine what time there is leftover to memorize lines and develop a character. You must have a passion that runs deep in your body to handle that load. I can't go without mentioning The Seeing Place is a company and therefore the work is done collectively which makes it even more special. If you truly enjoy theater as art, where you can come to be inspired or educated then The Seeing Place is the place for you."

"MickyC", Patron review viaTheatermania - "I must say, that until I had the privilege of seeing this production, I had no idea why everyone thought Chekhov was so brilliant and funny. The actors' work was so evident throughout the whole performance, and the story really shined through the beautiful telling of the players. Brandon Walker, who played Andrei, and Erin Cronican, Masha, gave outstanding and beautifully alive performances. They were and absolute treat to watch and truly moving in their characters' through-lines as well as the ensembles journey throughout the play. Ultimately, this is a wonderful production worth seeing for theatre goers and non-theatregoers alike. GO!"

"baillou", Patron review viaTheatermania - "What a jewel of a company! Very well staged. Acting was stong. Did Chekhov proud -- right down to the birches so simply drawn. Thank you. 5 Stars!"

"folial", Patron review viaTheatermania - "The Seeing Place Theater does it again! I have always been a fan of the work that this company produces. When I think of Chekhov, I think, long, drawn out and sometimes overbearingly heavy. The Seeing Place Theater's production of the Three Sisters is anything but boring. They manage to find the often missed humor in Chekhov. Their production is funny where it should be and poignant where it needs to be. I would pay top dollar to see such great actors live and breathe for me. But for only $12, you must see this show. If you think you know Chekhov, think again and be prepared for an extraordinaryly vibrant and touching production. My hats go off to them once again!"

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Ferapont - Alan Altschuler*
Natasha - Kathleen Brower*
Solyony - Brian Byus
Baron - Lee Cavellier
Chebutykin - Michael Stephen Clay
Masha - Erin Cronican*
Anfisa - Mary Lahti
Fedotik - Justin Kress
Kulygin - Ned Baker Lynch
Roddey - Daniel Perez
Irina- Elisa Pupko
Vershinin - David Sedgwick*
Olga - Daniela Thome
Andrey - Brandon Walker*

Creative Team:

Director - Brandon Walker
Producers - Erin Cronican* & Brandon Walker*
Stage Management - Livia Hill
Set Design - Michael Minahan
Costume Design - Preesa Adeline Bullington
Lighting Design - Zach Pizza
Assistant Director - Ariel Francoeur
Assistant to the Director - Michael Stephen Clay
Dramaturg - Rick Delaney*

* = Member of AEA








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