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Directed by Erin Cronican

"In love you either sink or swim..."

Four flawed but likeable lower-middle-class New Yorkers interact in a touching and warmhearted play about learning how to stay afloat in the deep water of day-to-day living. Laced with cooking classes, swimming lessons, and a smorgasbord of illegal drugs, Jack Goes Boating is a story of date panic, marital meltdown, betrayal, and the prevailing grace of the human spirit.

TSP Main Stage - November 4-19, 2017
at the Paradise Factory, 64 East 4th St, NYC

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Jack is a shy and awkward man who drives a limo and lives an unassuming life. His friend and co-worker, Clyde, and his wife Lucy, feel sorry for Jack and set him up on a blind date with Connie. Connie shares Jack's shyness and awkwardness, but through each other they seem to be able to find solace within themselves. Trouble might be brewing in paradise though, as Clyde and Lucy's marriage stumbles just as Jack and Connie's relationship grows.

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Starring (from left): Erin Cronican*, Juan Cardenas, Candice Oden*, Brandon Walker*.

* = member of Actors' Equity Association

Directed by Erin Cronican.
Lighting Design by Duane Pagano. Sound Design by Brandon Walker. Set/Costume Design by Erin Cronican.

Stage Management/Understudy for Jack: Clinton Powell

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(Photos by Sabrina Schlegel-Mejia and Russ Rowland. Click here or on the photo above for comprehensive photo gallery.)





Thursday, November 9, 2017- Talkback: "Self Medicating and Role Playing to Find Love"
Immediately follow show- Speaker: Amy Duquette, Art Therapist

This talkback will be an intimate post-show discussion about the psychology behind the interpersonal difficulties in the play, and how the characters use drugs, alcohol and role playing to deal with their intimacy issues. The cast and creative team will also be taking part in the talkback.

Amy Duquette is an art therapist in New York City and is passionate about using art as a catalyst for healing. She earned her Masters in Art Therapy at the School of Visual Arts in NYC in 2004, became a nationally-registered Art Therapist in 2005, board certified in 2006, and achieved her professional license to practice Art Therapy through the State of New York in 2006.

From Amy's bio on Psychology Today: "Many of us were taught to push our feelings away, that internal stuff shouldn't be discussed. This can cumulate in a host of problems. I provide psychoanalytic treatment which is a form of conversation, different from other social dialogues. Patients come in because they feel something is wrong, even if they are unable to describe what it is but know it is due to factors they are unaware of. The work that we do together will assist you to discover more comfortable ways of living. This is not only about what's wrong, but also what's right."




Articles about JACK GOES BOATING:


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"The Seeing Place Theater to Present JACK GOES BOATING" - Broadway World

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What Critics and Audiences have said about JACK GOES BOATING:


“4 Stars. Through one increasingly-uncomfortable situation to the next, the ensemble skillfully endears us to their humble characters, making us want desperately for everything to work out in the end. For anyone who's experienced the beautifully-awkward stages of an early crush, or the trials and tribulations of a long-term relationship, Jack  Goes Boating provides plenty of opportunity to reflect and relate.” - Andrew Andrews, Opplaud

“Sweet and Quirky - Mr Walker's scenes with Ms. Cronican are as gentle tender as any I’ve seen on stage, emanating from a great well of trust. Hard to fake when your audience is seated no more than a couple of feet away.  One of the pleasures of serial theatergoing is the chance to poke around into some off-the-main-drag theaters of New York City, into the domain of some truly wondrous and adventuresome independent theater companies...Color me impressed, and let me urge you to check them out for yourself.  ” - Howard Miller, Upstage-Downstage

"It is a play that is all about the one-on-one scenes and the performers delivering something. In addition to directing, Erin Cronican also performs as Connie, and the development of her relationship with Jack, played by Brandon Walker, has clear movement. They are both clearly passionate performers... The dynamic between the two performers turned the stage into a veritable court of play. Scenes were like a tennis match; you had to throw your head from one side to the other to catch all the action...This company, I feel genuinely, loves sharing works of theater, and that’s a really beautiful, palpable thing. I care about it and honor it. I hope it stays." - Aron Canter, Stage Buddy

"Jack (Brandon Walker, who made Jack’s self-doubts palpable and moving) and Clyde (a lithe, Juan Cardenas whose natural virility is overcome by an innate gentleness) are black car drivers working for Jack’s uncle as they yearn for more—more adventure, romance and meaning. Redheaded Lucy (Candice Oden, a vivid presence), a telephone sales operator for a new age lecturer, is Clyde’s wife. She brings unassuming Connie (Ms. Cronican who managed to take her character the furthest, helped by the best writing of the play) into the mix, ostensibly as a possible girlfriend for Jack....There were some beautiful moments, particularly between Jack and Connie as their romance developed and between Clyde and Lucy as they played Othello and Desdemona." - Joel Benjamin, Theater Pizzazz

“The relatable storyline and likable personalities of the characters coupled with the intimate setup of the Paradise Factory Theater make “Jack Goes Boating” feel as if the audience is hanging out with the four friends in their living room instead of simply watching a play. The production was an incredible and immersive experience that definitely deserves two thumbs up...The realness of the characters, the terrific acting from the cast, and the intimate setup of the theater make “Jack Goes Boating” an incredible production.” - Gilda McCrann, Dead Art B

“Must see! Funny, Great acting, Thought-provoking. See it if you like edgy off-broadway theatre.” - James W, Show Score

"Great acting, Intelligent, Thought-provoking, Resonant, Lovely. See it if If you are interested in an admirable production of a difficult play. Terrific acting and some really lovely moments. Don't see it if You want a play where you can laugh out loud or cheer - this is not one of those, even in a perfect production. But this is nicely nuanced." - Teresa 6209, Show Score

"100 out of 100.  Great acting, Masterful, Quirky, Romantic, Must see!” - Lainie S, Show Score

“Delightful, Great acting, Great writing, Hilarious, Entertaining. See it if You like life-like acting and stories about real people that may not be as dramatic as you’re used to.” Theatre Fanatic, Show Score

“ 97 out of 100. Funny, Delightful, Edgy, Great acting, Great show.” J 7313, Show Score

“5 stars. This show does an excellent job addressing the complexities of relationships, self sabotage and forgiveness. Very well acted!” - Amy Duquette, patron via Opplaud

"5 Stars. Superb acting by Erin Cronican, Juan Cardenas, Candice Oden and Brandon Walker. An off off broadway gem!" - Elliott, patron via Opplaud


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