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an adaptation by Brandon Walker from the play by Sophocles


THE PEOPLE VS ANTIGONE is modernized take on the tragic story of a girl facing death for sticking to her moral convictions.

TSP Main Stage - April 22-May 13, 2018
64 East 4th Street, Underground Space, NYC

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This play is a part of TSP's THE WHISTLEBLOWER SERIES, a rotating repertory of three plays about activism against oppression. See all plays in the series for just $15 per play - CLICK HERE.


The Seeing Place presents a world premiere adaptation of Sophocles tragic story - THE PEOPLE VS ANTIGONE. A modern take on the classic myth, this new play explores a rebel daughter taking on the patriarchy: will she lose her life when she breaks Theban law by burying her dead brother's body against decree?


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Creon   Alan Altschuler*
Haemon   Joshua George
Eurydice   Isa Goldberg
Guard   Clinton Powell
Antigone   Sabrina Schlegel-Mejia
Ismene   Gaia Visnar
Female Understudy   Broghanne Jessamine
Male Understudy   Trey Tetrault
Writer & Director   Brandon Walker
Producer & Story Editor   Erin Cronican
Stage Management   Trey Tetrault
Set & Costume Design   Erin Cronican
Lighting Design   John Salutz
Production Design Associate   Nickie Dubick
Publicist   Michelle Tabnick PR
* indicates member of Actors' Equity Association

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Production Photos - Click for Slideshow


(Photos by Russ Rowland. Click here or on the photo above for comprehensive photo gallery.)


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Thursday, April 26, 2018 (8pm)
Speaker: Sandra Robinson, PhD
Theme: Myth in Modern Society

See the 8pm show and then stick around for a talkback that explores the how myths play a role in modern culture in the play, THE PEOPLE VS ANTIGONE. Get your tickets here.

Sandra Robinson is on the faculty of Sarah Lawrence where she teaches Asian Studies and comparative religions. Her courses include seminars on myth and ritual originated there by Joseph Campbell.  Previously a dean and professor at Harvard, Duke and Swarthmore, she received two Fulbright awards for research in India.  Her writings include anthropological essays, experimental narrative and poems. Sandra received her B.A. from Wellesley and her Ph.D.  The University of Chicago. She is a Board member of the Feminist Press.


Saturday, May 5, 2018 (2pm)
Speaker: The Cast and Creative Team

See the 2pm show and then stick around for a talkback that explores how the artists collaborated to bring THE PEOPLE VS ANTIGONE to life. Get your tickets here.



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Reviews and Audience Response for THE PEOPLE VS ANTIGONE:


"Do not miss “The People vs Antigone,” a world premiere adaptation from Sophocles and Anouilh’s by Brandon Walker at The Seeing Place Theatre in the East Village. This incubator of experimental, resistance and innovative plays is part of the La Mama Theatre Building. Almost from the start of this modernized version of this seminal play, director Walker makes a crystal-clear connection with recent history the Trump era, delivered in a comprehensible narrative making sense from start to finish. A multi-talented five cast members take on a variety of roles bringing to life this timeless play Alan Altschuler (the hard-nosed astounding King Creon), appealing Joshua George (Haemon), talented Clinton Powell (Guard), Isa Goldberg great mesmerizing performance (Eurydice), the powerful and determined Sabrina Schlegel-Mejia (Antigone), and the passionate Gaia Visnar (Ismene). It’s a gruesome image of our times, but perfectly fits this story about the power of the state and the rights of the individual. Short at around 90 minutes, “The People vs Antigone,” manages to encapsulate the essential conflicts between politics, power, the rights of the individual and common humanity. The play itself is insightful and still resonates long time after you left the premises, the production is wonderful despite its minimum means, overall it succeeds to ignite our emotions." - Nelida Nassar, Arts and Culture Today

"The People vs. Antigone is so wonderful a show not just because of its stellar and talented cast, but also because it has the ability to break down, circle and return many times to the reasoning behind a decision, a choice...Not only is The People vs. Antigone very well done, it brings up so many ethical questions that are then so properly explained and dissected to the point of absolute reason...In addition to Walker's writing, his choice of cast was wonderful; each truly brought their characters to such an extreme level of life, the audience cannot help but be consumed by what they stand for. " - Kristen Morale, Broadway World

"Brandon Walker, who adapted and directed The People vs. Antigone, has done a fine job dealing with the complications involved. His characters are vivid and articulate. The dialogue is modern and to the point...As Antigone, Sabrina Schlegel-Mejia is remarkable. Her portrayal is intense and focused...Clinton Powell as the Guard delivers a strong performance...Go see this excellent adaptation. It’s a winner, and fascinating history to boot." - Jan Ewing, Hi! Drama

"Walker’s writing and direction is tense.  His focus on the minor characters of Ismene (Gaia Visnar) and Creon’s wife Eurydice (Isa Goldberg) shifts the focus from fate to family.  The cast forms a strong, yet bitterly divided family with Sabrina Schlegel-Mejia (Antigone) as its true head.  With a sustained choked sob, she may not have persuaded her extended family but everyone else was on her side." - Patricia Contino, StageBiz

"4 Stars! Walker’s writing and direction pulled us into this story and kept us engaged until the very end, when we almost broke out into tears over the tragic fate of our heroine and the man who—as it turned out—couldn’t go on living without her. Our only regret about attending this production is that we weren’t able to catch it sooner—it closes today, along with The Seeing Place’s two other pieces in The Whistleblower Series, which examine the fallout when someone calls out tyranny: Doug Wright’s I Am My Own Wife (directed by Erin Cronican, in which Walker plays all of the characters) and Katherine Viner & Alan Richman’s My Name Is Rachel Corrie, starring Cronican. We’re already looking forward to what comes next from T.S.P., whether it’s another audience favorite like Jack Goes Boating or an avant garde revival such as last year’s Cloud 9. So if you can spare a few bucks, we encourage you to support their efforts with a tax-deductible contribution." - Opplaud

"Absorbing, Intelligent, Intense, Profound, Relevant. See it if you are interested in a modern adaption of the story. Well written and absorbing - I related to the characters in ways I never have before." - Teresa 6209, Show-Score

"Absorbing, Intelligent, Thought-provoking, Profound, Relevant. See it if you enjoy new twists on old standards that still hew closely to the classic text. I very much enjoyed this modern adaptation of Antigone by Brandon Walker. He stayed true to the original while highlighting the play's relevance for today. The actress playing Antigone was very strong. I felt her passion and her confusion. She perfectly captured the roller coaster that is the teenage mind--seeing the world in black/white, right/wrong. This was the first time I'd seen Antigone and felt some sympathy for Creon! The actor playing the part emphasized that Creon cared for this young woman, but the stability of the state and the safety of people were paramount. He would do what he had to do, but he would personally regret it bitterly. Well worth seeing." - Margarette Connor, Show-Score

"Absorbing, Great acting, Masterful, Relevant, Great writing. See it if This is a really great update to the play and it’s probably the first time I’ve ever actually been able to identify with the characters." - J 7313, Show-Score

"The play was really alive the night I saw it. It seemed really real. I really believed everything that was happening onstage, and with a story that is so old, that’s really surprising. Antigone was especially strong. I was blown away. Definitely going to follow this company. Everything I’ve seen of theirs is so great." - TheatreFantatic, Show-Score

"See it if political plays appeal to you that are raw and emotional. Don't see it if you only like polished sappy plays. Also It was really refreshing, and it felt like a timely feminist cry for equality. The women were all really great. They were really running circles around the men. The men were also really good, but they just couldn’t keep up. It’s a must see. Powerful." - LBG, Show-Score



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