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"You hurtin' me."
"Has to hurt a little or it won't do no good."

by Marsha Norman

A major Off-Broadway success, this eloquent, moving and exceptionally well-written first play by Pulitzer Prize winner Marsha Norman probes into the past and present of a young woman attempting to find her way in life after release from prison.

TSP Main Stage
July 16 - August 7, 2016

The Seeing Place @ Lynn Redgrave Theater
45 Bleecker St (at Lafayette), NYC

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GETTING OUT Runs in Rotating Repertory with RHINOCEROS by Eugene Ionesco



Released from prison "Arlene" returns to a rundown apartment in Louisville, intent on starting her life over. Rebellious and disruptive as a young girl, she has found strength in religion and wants to put her youth (as "Arlie") behind her. But her struggle to find her way in the present (as "Arlene") is counterpointed by flashbacks of her past (as "Arlie"), her two personalities being represented by two performers, who sometimes appear on stage simultaneously. We meet the guards and prison officials with whom "Arlie" waged a running battle; and the unfeeling, slatternly mother, the lecherous former prison guard, the pimp ex-boyfriend, and the touchingly friendly neighbor with whom "Arlene" is confronted in the present. Ultimately the play, like life, offers no simple answers—but it conveys, with heartrending honesty and compassion, the struggle of someone fighting for her life against incredible odds.

Running Time: 2:05, including a 15 minute intermission


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Reviews for GETTING OUT:


Helen Herbert, Theater Is Easy- "BOTTOM LINE: A heartfelt revival about one woman’s struggle to rebuild her life after prison...Getting Out is a deeply relevant story that calls attention to the fight of victimized women, a mission that enormously warrants this earnest revival...The cast gives impassioned performances and Cronican is especially poignant as the determined, conflicted Arlene. Jane Kahler is a delight as Ruby, a fellow ex-con who offers the first glimmer of acceptance and companionship for Arlene later in the play."

Myra Chanin, Theater Pizzazz - "The Seeing Place is a theater company worth embracing by performers as well as the folks that sit and watch. It’s a creative, supportive, artistic home for actors who want to grow and improve. Managed by Founding Directors Brandon Walker and Erin Cronican, both first class performers and directors, The Seeing Place always presents plays that not only absorb your interest during a performance, but also compel you to think about what you’ve seen for a significant period afterwards. They take pride in making live theater affordable to almost everyone at $16.50 per ticket. Their productions are always about compelling rather than frivolous subjects and they have the guts to give their audiences a chance to escape during the intermission. PS. I’ve never seen a Seeing Place performance where anyone did."

Leslie DiLeo, HI! Drama- "The thoroughly developed acting and directing and the play's script and structure are elements that set this show apart from many currently running off-Broadway...Where this company really shines is in the acting. Each character seems completely developed and grounded from within. One feels as if one is watching real people living in the moment; and while this is (obviously) always the aim of theater, it's by no means a given...The Seeing Place is a wonderful company and is fulfilling its mission by producing socially relevant works with integrity."

Hward Miller, Upstage-Downstage- "GETTING OUT is being given a richly layered production at the Lynn Redgrave Theater by The Seeing Place, a gutsy independent theater company that strives always to dig deeply into psychologically complex works...Now in its seventh season, The Seeing Place is able to draw on a pool of talented New York actors...Neither the playwright nor this production offers easy solutions, only reminding us that as a society we are perfectly willing to toss our ex-cons – even those like Arlene who are deemed to be "completed rehabilitated" – back into the same environment that led to their downfall in the first place. We all know about the high rate of recidivism for such as Arlie/Arlene, especially when they are left adrift with few prospects upon release, so her future is unpredictable at best. Only the tiniest shred of hope remains."

Patrick Brien, Patron Review via Facebook-"I had the pleasure and the privilege of seeing both shows on Sunday, July 31. If you are interested in theatre that challenges the senses and pushes the edge of what is possible on stage, please go see Getting Out and Rhinoceros. The Seeing Place is doing the kind of thing that should be done in our industry. That needs to be done. The performances are outstanding. The vision is precisely realized. Go to be thrilled, as I was."

Mary Reilly via TimeOut NY- "GETTING OUT was a very interesting play structurally because it shared with the audience scenes from the main character (Arlene's) life at different times--simultaneously. It is not a play for the faint of heart (in terms of structure and adult content) but The Seeing Place Theater pulled it off very successfully...Erin Cronican's performance was very nuanced and Candice Oden, a relatively new actress to the ensemble, was raw and believably broken. The final scene was very powerful in which the two "versions" of Arlene--the light and the dark--integrate and merge together."

Meish, via Show Score- "Score: 100 out of 100. Absorbing, Clever, Great Acting, Entertaining, Great staging. See it if you are interested in people who are determined to re-start their lives after committing big mistakes."

Grayre, via Show Score- "Thoughtful important work by an ambitious, socially responsible company. A flawed play in a difficult space realized by a fine cast. A serious drama of stage-neglected women's issues & concerns led, acted & directed by very strong, terrific female actors. Absorbing, Great Acting, Intelligent, Thought-provoking, Relevant."

Theresa 6209, via Show Score- "Absorbing, Great acting, Intelligent, Thought-provoking, Resonant. See it if you like dramas that make you think."

Jacqueline Parker, via Show Score- "Original, Absorbing, Intelligent, Thought-provoking, Entertaining. See it if You want to acquaint yourself with a terrific company dedicated to meaningful work...there is much to be gleaned from it. Who else provides questions to spur conversation after?"

Michal C, via Show Score- "Great acting, Thought-Provoking, Relevant, Resonant. See it if you like great acting and seeing the actors go to work on stage. It's a very relevant piece that will cause some discomfort in a good way."

Sarah 6204, via Show Score- "See it if you like female driven theatre with social themes and edgy characters. Absorbing, Ambitious, Edgy, Intelligent, Thought-Provoking."

Jack 6203, via Show Score- "Absorbing, Ambitious, Edgy, Great Acting, Quirky. See it if you like edgy unexpected plays with a steady supporting cast."

Mary R 6201, via Show Score- "Original, Absorbing, Great acting, Intense. See it if you are interested in exploring starting over, the power of redemption and how we are all fearful creatures of the darkness and the light."

Michael C, via Show Score- "Absorbing, Ambitious, Intense, Thought-provoking, Profound. See it if you want to see a compelling production of an acclaimed play that's not often done but should be."

Slim John, via Show Score- "Clever, Intelligent, Thought-Provoking. See it if you enjoy an intimate theater experience, a great value and a compelling drama about a woman that struggles with her troubled past."

Leo S, via Show Score- "Great acting, Great writing, Great staging. See it if: You enjoy A well written play performed by a great cast. The play is a little dated, but this company breathes a lot of excitement to it."

Elizabeth 6054, via Show Score- "Original, Absorbing, Great acting, Intelligent, Refreshing"

Mary M 2, via Show Score- "Great Acting, Thought-Provoking, Quirky, Relevant. See it if you want to see a play about social issues told in an unique way. You want a play that will provoke conversation."

Elizabeth 6054, via Show Score- "Kudos to cast & crew for re-creating the beating heart of an important play from the 70's. Check out where we were in the '70s in terms of moralizing attitudes (especially about women) and the consequences for incarceration."

Rita J, via Show Score- "Original, Absorbing, Great acting, Intelligent. See it if you wants to see a refreshing play about conflicting present and past trying to reconcile."

Susan D 6108, via Show Score- "Ambitious, Interesting, Good Performances."

Don 6099, via Show Score- "Absorbing, Great Acting, Intense, Masterful, Raunchy!"


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