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July 17 - August 2, 2015

Wed-Sat 9pm | Sat-Sun 4pm

The Seeing Place @ the Clarion Theater
309 East 26th St (at 2nd Ave), NYC


To continue a season that explores gender warfare, victim shaming, racial bias and police corruption, The Seeing Place Theater brings you this critically lauded play seldom seen in NYC brought to life through the lens of one central dilemma:

What happens when boys and girls don't behave as society demands?


Theresa Bedell is a successful reporter in New York who loves her work and the life she has made for herself. A relationship with a man would complete the picture and so she agrees to go on a blind date with a friend of a friend. Tony is attractive and funny, but Theresa isn't sure, and after a second date she's convinced they have nothing in common and sees no point in continuing the relationship. Tony, though, thinks otherwise. What at first seems like persistence on his part grows into obsession, and Theresa's annoyance with Tony turns to terror as he begins to threaten her and those around her. Ultimately, Theresa must fight to save herself from being erased by Tony's actions which call into question the assumptions at the very heart of romantic pursuit.

Playing in rotating repertory with BOYS' LIFE, the Pulitzer Prize nominated play by Howard Korder.


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(Photos by Russ Rowland. Click here or on a photo above for comprehensive photo gallery.)


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Articles about BOY GETS GIRL


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Reviews about BOY GETS GIRL

Howard Miller, Talkin' Broadway - "Boy Gets Girl opens with that most awkward of occasions, the blind date. Theresa (Erin Cronican, giving a richly layered and naturalistic performance) is a writer whose life is focused on her work with a New York cultural magazine...With this pair of plays, The Seeing Place and its founders Ms. Cronican and Mr. Walker (she directs Boys’ Life and he the Gilman play) display a remarkable level of maturity as a theatrical enterprise in this, only its sixth season. This is definitely a company to watch."

Sparkman Clark, Times Square Chronicles - "GET TO THIS PLAY. This week marks your last chance to see Boy Gets Girl, the groundbreaking thriller brilliantly produced by The Seeing Place at the Clarion Theatre. This incredibly talented company of actors will have you at the edge of your seat from start to finish...Directed by Brandon Walker, this production will draw you in and take you on a ride you did not see coming...Leading actress Erin Cronican gives a downright breathtaking performance as Theresa Bedell...A stunningly captivating work of theatre, Boy Gets Girl was a homerun in every sense. And the best part? Tickets are only $15. Don’t miss this beyond affordable opportunity to see a great show."

Alan Miller, A Seat on the Aisle - "OUTSTANDING REVIVALS. Now in its sixth season, The Seeing Place, located on East 26th Street in Manhattan, is currently staging two exceptional revivals in repertory: Boy’s Life by Howard Korder and Boy Gets Girl by Rebecca Gilman. It is the juxtaposition of these two plays, both focusing on gender relations, that resonates synergistically to enhance our appreciation of both...Erin Cronican (who not only plays the lead role in Boy Gets Girl but also directed Boy’s Life) is absolutely sensational as Theresa. She perfectly epitomizes the successful feminist in today’s world who finds herself forced to balance a variety of different relationships. Much of the success of this production must be attributed to her performance. That is not to deny that Ms Cronican has been very ably supported in this production by the other members of The Seeing Place Theater’s ensemble cast. Especially noteworthy are Mr. Gunn who plays the role of Howard with just the sort of paternalistic concern that Ed Asner brought to his relationship with Mary in the Mary Tyler Moore Show; Mr. D’Arcangelo, who manages to convey both sensitivity and smarminess in his role as Les; and Mr. Walker, who exhibits the range of his talent by bringing to his role of Mercer...These are productions very much worth seeing."

Myra Chanin, Theater Pizzazz - "Unnervingly Brilliant Views of Contemporary Boys and Girls...until August 2nd, you’ll find a Wow! Wow! back-to-back, contemporary-as-can-be, artistic doubleheader at The Clarion — Howard Korder’s Boys’ Life and Boy Gets Girl by Rebecca Gilman, — produced by The Seeing Place Theater, another hitherto-unknown-to-me dramatic company. These are both thought-provoking plays with breathtaking performances and direction. Their featured players are so down-to-earth natural and realistic that I felt like a voyeur, secretly snooping into their lives...Brandon Walker directs a tough and hard-hitting version of Boy Gets Girl, which stars Erin Cronican in a touching, dazzling star performance about a non-love boat relationship in which a seemingly decent, lonely boy meets literary journalist girl and pursues girl even after girl clearly demonstrates, it ain’t personal, but she prefers working to dating anyone...These productions feature quality writing and compelling performances anyone interested in first-rate theater shouldn’t miss... It’s such a joy to see such fascinating commentary on the passing parade performed with such thoughtful excellence. I’m really looking forward to seeing whatever The Seeing Place does next."

Mark Savitt, Hi! Drama - "TWO THUMBS UP. In this play pathology is chillingly explored. Ms Cronican fully catches the dilemma of an educated feminist who has been trained to be nice even when it goes against her instincts and interests. Mr Walker who was immoral and offensive (in character!) in Boys' Life is sensitive and thoughtful here. The whole supporting cast are wonderful, but D'Arcangelo's oddly appealing sleaze master is a hoot...Try to see both plays; they truly make an illuminating double feature."

Linda Buchwald, Pataphysical Science - "Thoughtful productions, directed by Erin Cronican (Boys' Life) and Brandon Walker (Boy Gets Girl)...Clearly the company has thought a lot about how the two works can have a conversation with each other, which should extend to conversations after the shows."

Rob Davis, Patron Review on Theatermania- "5 STARS. I went to see this play with my visiting 14 year-old grandson in towe at the suggestion of a friend. I must admit to having had low to medium expectations, walking into the off-off Bway venue. However, the change in my view between then and when I left was quite stunning. Rebecca Gilman's dialogue moved fast and beautifully built the intensity of this well crafted psycho thriller. Having said that the actor's were well up to the task of delivering the goods. Erin Cronican was outstanding in the role of Theresa, a besieged NY single woman, living alone and being stalked by a loose cannon named Tony. Her transition from defiance to concern to outright fear was palpable and the work of a superb professional. And Daniel Michael Perez gave her plenty to work with as the extremely creepy but equally threatening and scary villain. It was striking how absolutely believable he was. The rest of the cast each did a great job in support. By the way, my Grandson loved it every bit as much as I did!!!"

Michael Heath, Patron Review on Theatermania - "The show was outstanding. I didn't know what to expect before I purchased the ticket, but I am glad I did. This is one of the best Off Broadway shows I've ever seen, I just purchased a ticket for their other show Boys' Life. It was truly an amazing performance, Bravo!!! 5 out of 5 stars."

"NikkiBLP", Patron Review on Theatermania- "A Heavy Piece Handled with Care. I really enjoyed Boy Gets Girl. The characters were so gently portrayed that it made it easier to watch this heavy piece. It was a great ensemble cast, and the energy & intensity remained high throughout the show. As always, The Seeing Place Theater took it's job as providing professional theater extremely seriously with high production values that show through clever staging and tight transitions. I'll continue to look forward to future shows at the company's new home. Five stars."

"amro66", Patron Review on Theatermania- "Had the pleasure of attending the August 1, 2015 performance. I really didn't know what to expect. Wow! Is all I can say. The acting was superb. The subject matter presented intelligently and with absolute genuine realness. I wish I had brought my kids. Five stars."

"accentonjordan", Patron Review on Theatermania- "5 STARS. Erin Cronican is intense and mesmerizing, along with a supporting cast that takes you along on the haunting journey of a first date turned stalker. Erin is not only talented with her presence and delivery on stage, but really conveys the vulnerability and helplessness of a woman who has to deal with a very real and imminent threat. Tension is expertly heightened and I wouldn't be surprised if audience members leave their lights on for the next few weeks when going to bed. Very well done!"

Cherie Mendez, Patron Review on Theatermania- "This play was absolutely delightful! It was beautifully directed and the cast was outstanding! Erin Cronican gave the most compelling performance - I was at the edge of my seat. Five stars."

Jeff Gaster, Patron Review on Theatermania- "Now, get thee to the show, get thee to the show on time! Only tonight and tomorrow-you should see one of the most remarkable and captivating off-off Broadway productions that you will find this summer. A script packed with drama and mystery, gender and stalking issues, and characters that take on unique and endearing personalities--every one still memorable the day after. A great little theater company, Seeing Place Theater, has made a warm welcoming home in Kips Bay, the most unlikely place to expect to find a theater. This theater company may be small, but they have big and devoted hearts. Last year, they featured productions of two very endearing and unforgettable installments of the Laramie Project. Five stars!"

Vincent Veloso, Patron Review on Theatermania - "The Seeing Place Theater rendition of "Boy Gets Girl" delivers excellent material, strong performances from the cast. The opening night performance was well executed. The production is wonderfully cast and the actors inhabit their roles with ease. John D'Arcangelo gives an interesting, humorous and heart warming interpretation of Les Kennkat. Einar Gunn and Brandon walker give strong textured and layered performances as the coworkers and protectors. Virginia Gregory gives a believable serious version of an NYPD detective and Daniel Michael Perez and Emily Newhouse are fine in their respective roles which facilitate the disturbing story. Erin Cronican in particular portrays her lead character Theresa with an effortless mastery and empathy drawing the audience's concern into the dark, well written excellent storyline which is very relevant to the social gender questions and dangers of modern relationships. Definitely worth checking out. I look forward to seeing more from this talented group of actors in the future. 5 out of 5 stars."

"edk922", Patron Review on Theatermania- "5 STARS. Great show and amazing performances, especially by Erin Cronican. I really felt all that her character was going through. Highly recommend this show and The Seeing Place Theatre"


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CAST (in alphabetical order):

Erin Cronican* (as Theresa Bedell) Favorite credits with The Seeing Place: THE LARAMIE PROJECT (Mercedes Herrero Track/Co-Director); DYING CITY (Kelly); MEN IN WHITE (Laura Hudson/Director); HAMLET (Ophelia/Co-Director), A LIE OF THE MIND (Beth), DANNY AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA (Roberta), and CLOSER (Anna). Regional favorites: THE LAST FIVE YEARS, ANGELS IN AMERICA, WIT, SUBWAYS ARE FOR SLEEPING, and EVITA. She has appeared on “Veronica Mars,” and “One Life to Live,” and can be seen in Paul Giamatti’s film, “Cold Souls” (among others.) Proud member of AEA & SAG-AFTRA. Learn more at
John D'Arcangelo (as Les Kennkat) went to Ithaca College, studied in London, and received his BFA in acting (Magna cum laude with department honors). A list of his favorite roles must include: A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Nick Bottom); Twelfth Night (Sir Toby Belch); A Streetcar Named Desire (Mitch); The Boys Next Door (Norman Bulanski); The Man Who Came To Dinner (Sheridan Whiteside); Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf (George); 1776 (Ben Franklin); The Normal Heart (Ned Weeks); The Lisbon Traviata (Mendy); Orphans (Harold); Lend Me A Tenor (Saunders); The Diary of Anne Frank (Mr. VonDann); Beyond Therapy (Bruce); Opera Play (Umberto Eccarazzi); Masquerade (Mario); Geeks! The Musical (Mel) and Blood Privilege (King Matthias).
Virginia Gregory (as Detective Beck) is thrilled to be returning to the theatre after quite a long absence. In her past life as an actor she has performed Off-Broadway as The Girl in THE FANTASTICKS, as Dierdre in SALVATION and originated the role of Marsyas in PHILEMON. She played Jean Simmons' assistant who cracked under pressure on the stand in "Perry Mason: The Case of the Lost Love" and appeared in nearly 100 television commercials. She is very excited and proud to have been invited to join The Seeing Place Ensemble. After exploring many other roads, it feels like coming home. Member: SAG-AFTRA
Einar Gunn* (as Howard) NYC Credits: Doug Hughes’ A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS, Roundabout; THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER, Peccadillo Theater; WE CALL HER BENNY, John Montgomery Theater; MOONCHILDREN, Attic Theater; World Premiere of PRIVATE DISCLOSURES. Regional Credits: TOVARICH, THE LITTLE FOXES, THE MISANTHROPE, Shakespeare Theatre of NJ; LIPS TOGETHER TEETH APART, 4th Wall Theatre; WHERE'S MY MONEY? Rising Curtain; BABY WITH THE BATHWATER, Black Box Productions. TV/FILM: "Mysteries of Laura," "Michael J. Fox Show," "Pioneer One," "The Men Who Built America" plus indie features and shorts. MemberL AEA / SAG-AFTRA.
Emily Newhouse (as Harriet) is a New York based actor and writer. At Oberlin College, Emily was in several semi-improvised shows including BOREDOM: SEMI-IMPROVISED TEEN ANGST and GOD ONLY KNOWS. In her previous life, she was an improviser and sketch performer/ writer. Her favorite comedy moments include performing at the Semi-Finals of the UCB Three on Three, twoprov in WE ARE CRABS, improvised Tennessee Williams Twilight Zone with THE SCENIC ROUTE and writing and performing on the sketch Magnet house team COOKIE MOUNTAIN. New York acting credits include INDIE COMEDY (Manhattan Rep. Theatre), LITTLE BLACK RAIN CLOUDS (Secret Theatre) and the films NO DIRECTION (Frameline FF) and THE PICKUP (Maine Media). Web:
Daniel Michael Perez (as Tony) is an actor, writer and director based out of New York City. He's studied acting at the William Esper Studios, The Barrow Group and improvisation at the Upright Citizens Brigade. He made his professional acting debut playing Roddey in The Seeing Place Theater's production of THREE SISTERS and his directorial debut with DOG SEES GOD: CONFESSIONS OF A TEENAGE BLOCKHEAD at The Barrow Group Theater.
Brandon Walker* (as Mercer) is an NYIT nominated actor for his work in The Seeing Place's DANNY AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA. Other previous shows with The Seeing Place: DYING CITY (Craig/Peter); THE LARAMIE PROJECT (Stephen Belber Track); MEN IN WHITE (Dr. Ferguson); HAMLET (Hamlet); ROSENCRANTZ AND GUILDENSTERN ARE DEAD (Hamlet); A LIE OF THE MIND (Jake), LOVE SONG (Beane), THE CREDEAUX CANVAS (Winston), WHEN WE HAVE GONE ASTRAY (Ira), WAITING FOR LEFTY (Sid), LOOK BACK IN ANGER (Jimmy), TWELFTH NIGHT (Malvolio), CLOSER (Dan), THREE SISTERS (Andrey), and THE LOVER (Richard). He has worked with The Old Globe, La Jolla Playhouse, Poor Players, New Village Arts, Moxie Theatre, ion Theater, North Coast Rep, Sierra Rep, and Barnstormers Theater. Member AEA. Training: David Gideon.
* = Member of AEA


Creative Team:


Brandon Walker - Brandon has served as The Seeing Place Theater's Artistic Director since 2009. Before moving to New York, he was the Associate Artistic Director of Poor Players Theatre Company in San Diego for six years, where he acted in over 20 Shakespearean productions. He has also produced with Life Out Loud and Actors Alliance of San Diego. He is a award winning actor, director, producer, acting coach, playwright, singer, musician, and composer. He was recently nominated for a New York Innovative Theatre Award for Outstanding Actor in a Lead Role for his performance as Danny in The Seeing Place Theater's Off-Broadway production of Danny and the Deep Blue Sea. Brandon has directed six plays and several readings with The Seeing Place, where he has also acted in 13 productions and led several workshops of new plays - most notably the World Premieres of Scotch Kiss and When We Have Gone Astray, which were both written for The Seeing Place Ensemble and developed through improvisation.


Assistant Director

Michelle Hakala Wolf - Michelle has performed in NYC in NYMF’s production of REPORTING LIVE, KRINGLE THE MUSICAL and THE TRIANGLE PROJECT which she also music directed and co-wrote with the amazing cast and Nan Smithner. Touring credits include, TITANIC THE MUSICAL and A CHRISTMAS CAROL. Regional credits include, THE SECRET GARDEN, MUSIC MAN, FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, THE BOYFRIEND and many other great musicals. Michelle is the author of the plays; SAVE ME SAVE ME, MARVIN MARTINSON and WILD CREATURES. Michelle is a Master’s graduate of NYU’s Educational Theatre program. She also teaches voice and acting in her private studio as well as ‘Courage to Confidence a Path to Success’. Member AEA.Web:



Stage Management

Candice Oden - Stage Managed OTHELLO with The Seeing Place Theater. As a performer - National Tours: MUSIC OF THE NIGHT (Eva Peron), LULLABY OF BROADWAY (Eva Peron), THE QUEST (Everyone Else). Los Angeles Workshops: BLACK DENIM TROUSERS & MOTORCYCLE BOOTS (Janet), SAMMY: A MUSICAL (Lady Captain), SHEBA THE MUSICAL (Irit). New York Workshops/Readings: AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN (Pre-Broadway workshop) and THE BEAR (reading with The Seeing Place.) Regional Theatre: HOT MIKADO (Pitti-Sing), A WELK MUSICAL CHRISTMAS (Featured Vocalist), CINDERELLA (Fairy Godmother [Inland Theatre League Award, Best Actress]),THE GOODBYE GIRL (Melanie), THE WIZARD OF OZ and more. Improv: Little Britches (Co-Founder and performer), Brooklyn Improv Group, Accomplice The Show (Village & NY). Member: AEA, SAG-AFTRA



Lighting Design Duane Pagano - Duane would like to thank all involved for the opportunity to be a part of these productions. He has designed for any number of productions throughout NYC, including the Lighting for the musical WHAT DO CRITICS KNOW currently in the NYMF, THE NAVIGATOR at the WorkShop Theater Co. for which he received the NYIT award for his Lighting Design as well as a Scenic Design nomination. Off-Broadway credits include the set and lighting designs for Alternative Theater’s THE GAYEST CHRISTMAS PAGAENT EVER at The Players Theatre, OLYMPICS UBER ALLES at St. Lukes Theater and ROMEO AND JULIET for Theater Rats. Other highlights include, GODSPELL for the Circuit Playhouse in Memphis, TN, which garnered him the Best Lighting Design Award for Memphis theater and graduating from the Univ. of Miami. As always, he dedicates his work to his biggest fan.


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