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The Seeing Place Celebrates 6 Critically Acclaimed Years!


For our 6th Season we brought you 5 stories that blasted open our perceptions of human nature as we asked, "What is the impact of racial, gender, social and political stereotyping?" This season we explored the common children's mantra "sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me" to uncover the impact of victim shaming, name calling, gender bias, police corruption & stalled race relations.

Our 6th Season included: a modern dress production of Shakespeare's OTHELLO; a special “double feature” repertory event in July 17-August 2, 2015 - BOY GETS GIRL (Time Magazine's "Best Play of the Year" by Rebecca Gilman) paired with the Pulitzer Prize Finalist BOY'S LIFE (by Howard Korder); and the Olivier Award winning dark comedy THE PILLOWMAN (by Martin McDonagh) running in rep with a rare revival of Johnna Adam's recent play which explores child suicide, GIDION'S KNOT.

Even though these 5 plays span hundreds of years and countless generations of storytelling, the subjects brooched and lessons learned are achingly relevant today. We've chosen these plays to open up a dialogue with our audience about the world around us. How can we make an impact? How can we build on what we've learned from the people who've come before us?

To make this conversation open to as many people as possible, we've made it even easier (and affordable) to get involved. In line with our mission of making professional theater affordable for all New York audiences, we're offering a Season Ticket package for just $65 - that's 5 ticket vouchers for just $13 per ticket. Click here to arrange for your season tickets. (PS: Since you can use these vouchers any way you want, it's never too late to get your package!)

Thank you joining us for our landmark 6th Season. Perhaps, as Gandhi said, we together can be the change we wish to see in the world.


- Erin Cronican & Brandon Walker
Managing & Artistic Directors, The Seeing Place


For our 6th Season we explored the theme:
"Sticks and Stones (And Names) May Break My Bones..."

Five stories that blast apart our perceptions of
victim shaming, name calling, gender bias, police corruption & race relations.

Spring 2015:

OTHELLO by William Shakespeare


Critics Raved about OTHELLO.

"To see [OTHELLO] again in this Shakespearian version is refreshing and powerful...This OTHELLO is played eloquently by this capable cast. A key metric, for me, when viewing a Shakespeare play is to see if the members are simply reciting their lines in cadence, which is difficult enough, or actually living those lines. This cast lives in this space during the show and it comes through their performance...Logan Keeler does an excellent job as Cassio. He is a friend of Desdemona and obviously very affectionate towards her. Desdemona (a terrific Erin Cronican) is so in love with Othello that she doesn’t even notice Cassio’s attentions." - What's On Off Broadway

"Right off the bat, The Seeing Place Theater makes it known that these won’t be the typical interpretations of some of the Bards most famous players...Don’t worry my drama lovers, you will get your fill as you watch the slow unraveling of Othello (played by Ian Moses Eaton) as he becomes the monster the racist society was accusing him to be...Iago (played by Brandon Walker) [has] an interesting twist on this role which I appreciated...brought humor to his character where usually the actor stays put in the “I’m an evil genius” realm and even more interesting, this Iago seems to truly be just “another one of the guys”, until the end when his true colors are revealed to everyone else...Overall, it is just nice seeing this piece done in a new way and being able to capture the modern audience. I truly appreciate what this company is trying to accomplish." - Center on the Aisle


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Summer 2015:

BOY GETS GIRL by Rebecca Gilman


BOYS' LIFE by Howard Korder

Critics Raved about BOY GETS GIRL and BOYS' LIFE.

"GET TO THIS PLAY. This week marks your last chance to see Boy Gets Girl, the groundbreaking thriller brilliantly produced by The Seeing Place at the Clarion Theatre. This incredibly talented company of actors will have you at the edge of your seat from start to finish...Directed by Brandon Walker, this production will draw you in and take you on a ride you did not see coming...Leading actress Erin Cronican gives a downright breathtaking performance as Theresa Bedell...A stunningly captivating work of theatre, Boy Gets Girl was a homerun in every sense." - Times Square Chronicles


"OUTSTANDING REVIVALS. Now in its sixth season, The Seeing Place, located on East 26th Street in Manhattan, is currently staging two exceptional revivals in repertory: Boy’s Life by Howard Korder and Boy Gets Girl by Rebecca Gilman. It is the juxtaposition of these two plays, both focusing on gender relations, that resonates synergistically to enhance our appreciation of both." - A Seat on the Aisle

"With this pair of plays, The Seeing Place and its founders Ms. Cronican and Mr. Walker (she directs Boys’ Life and he the Gilman play) display a remarkable level of maturity as a theatrical enterprise in this, only its sixth season. This is definitely a company to watch." - Talkin' Broadway

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Winter 2015:

THE PILLOWMAN by Martin McDonagh


GIDION'S KNOT by Johnna Adams

Critics Raved about THE PILLOWMAN and GIDION'S KNOT.

"Managed by Founding Directors Brandon Walker and Erin Cronican, both first class performer/directors, The Seeing Place takes pride in making live theater affordable at $15 ticket prices. In the company's intimate performing space, the viewers are close enough to the performers to feel like quasi-participants in the tough, contemporary dramas, presented two at a time in repertory. Their current offering -- Martin McDonagh's The Pillowman and Johnna Adams' Gidion's Knot-- are emotion-charged studies of dysfunction, domination, torture and death." - Huffington Post


"It is brutal and taxing on these characters to go to the equivalent of a boxing match in this stage with the background they have, so it is a good thing that performers Susan Izatt and Erin Cronican are up to the task. Their performances give these arguments meaning beyond what is being said. The battle of ideologies, morality, and ultimately the desperation of two women that need to get rid of the emotional storm inside of them is played beautifully by these two thespians. " - Manhattan With A Twist

"If you are seeking a fun and creepy evening of Grand Guignol theater filled with blood and horror, you need look no further than The Seeing Place’s revival of Martin McDonagh’s darker-than-dark comedy The Pillowman. The tight-knit company appears to be having a ball as the actors sink their teeth into carrying out McDonagh’s offers up just enough sarcasm, gallows humor, irony, and snarky observations, divvied out at just the right times with just the right tone..." - Talking Broadway


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