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The Seeing Place is an ensemble theater company of professional, hungry artists that have been producing critically-acclaimed organic theatre since 2009. We are currently looking to add to our ensemble, which meets every Monday night to develop its work through play readings, ensemble workshops and master classes. These are a free benefit of membership - there are no dues.

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First and foremost, we're dedicated to bringing the actor back to the level of Theater Maker, much like we saw with the Group Theater in the 1930s. We maintain a year-round ensemble of actors and directors that are mentored in all elements of producing theater, with hands-on apprenticeships in dramaturgy, fundraising, community outreach, marketing, artistic direction, digital/social media and theater management. The practice of theater making (from the moment the rights are granted to the last set piece being struck) is deeply satisfying for our ensemble of artists, who are passionate about having a say in the art they create.

Thus, we're looking for actors that want to creating work for themselves (ie: collaborative theater-makers in a team-player environment) and who are committed to constantly growing as artists and building their craft throughout rehearsal and performance. We are particularly interested in well trained actors with a good sense of themselves and some knowledge of the work of Strasberg, Meisner, Adler, Hagen, or Stanislavski - and an openness to explore plays in non-traditional ways. With a heavy focus on the craft, our ensemble trains together year-round using the rehearsal practices of The Group Theatre (including developing work by layering character and situation through structured improvisation, and using relaxation and sensorial exercises to connect the actor to their instrument.)

It is also important to note that ensemble members each have a hand in creating productions from the ground up, so we’re particularly interested in meeting actors who are passionate about producing, development, and community outreach.



As of 6/8/2020 - We're are currently casting for Season 10 replacements:

MEN/GENDER NON-CONFORMING: Ages 50-70+, all ethnicities

WOMEN/GENDER NON-CONFORMING: Ages 50-70+, all ethnicities

We are particularly interested in people of color, LGTBQIA+, and those with disabilities for our ensemble.

NOTE: Actors of all ages/types are welcome to submit anytime, but we may hold onto your submission until a slot opens up in your type category.



Actors begin at The Seeing Place in a 3 month Artistic Associateship. As a part of their training in our unique rehearsal process, Associates are eligible to audition for principal roles in our TSP Unplugged Reading Series and understudy roles in Main-Stage productions. Artistic Associates also receive:

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• Free weekly workshops & master classes on topics like technique/craft, improv, marketing, dialects, etc to strengthen the members’ skills in our organic rehearsal process.

• Bi-weekly play readings to build chemistry amongst the members and deepen their awareness of plays in the world theatrical cannon.

•Organic, improv-driven rehearsal structure which encourages the actor to become more of a decision-maker in their work while also building their skill in blending their aesthetics into ensemble-focused storytelling. 

• A unique ensemble position which can grow with your interests - the more you put in, the more artistic and developmental reward you'll receive as well rounded theatremaker.

• Inclusion in a theater company that has a proven track record, a passionate audience base and positive reputation with critics and industry alike.

• A warm, supportive community of like-minded artists who like to PLAY!

At the end of 3 months, those who feel at home in our ensemble and are engaged by our artistic and producing style will be invited to join our permanent ensemble. Once a member of the ensemble, actors are given exclusive invitation to perform in developmental workshops of new plays and principal roles in main-stage productions (in addition to the benefits above.)

We’re deeply committed to developing and mentoring a new generation of theater-makers. As mentioned on our website, being a part of our year-round ensemble includes teaming up with fellow members to support the producing efforts of the company throughout the year. This includes helping with box office, delivering postcards to area theaters/studios, getting the word out about our fundraising events, encouraging friends/family/ colleagues to attend our programs, and generally working with our group to build audiences and The Seeing Place’s standing within the community. Click to read more about The Seeing Place's commitment to its ensemble. And click here to read more about The Seeing Place's commitment to diversity.

This is a full season commitment for actors who want more control cover the art they create and have strong ideas about the plays they want to make. With that, preference will be given to those artists who have experience producing, marketing and/or fundraising, or those who are eager (and have the time) to learn.

To see information about our current ensemble, please click here.

NOTE: Ensemble members must have significant evening and weekend availability, as workshops, readings, rehearsals and performances occur during those times.



The Seeing Place's Schedule for Season 10

Master Classes / Workshops / Ensemble Readings
Every Monday & Friday, 7-11pm

Our 10th Season is currently on-hold until the pandemic clears and theaters re-open, but in the meantime we are training and reading plays on a weekly basis. Here is our current schedule of plays, once the theaters re-open:

Wit by Margaret Edson
Exit the King by Eugene Ionesco
Boy by Anna Ziegler
When We Dead Awaken by Henrik Ibsen (reading)
Spin Cycle by Cornelia Ravenal (world premiere, reading)

To see our production history and get a sense of the kind of work we do, go to our Press Page.



We produce under the AEA Showcase Code, which offers modest transportation reimbursement and stipends for production rehearsals and performances for AEA members and small stipends for non-AEA actors. There is no salary. Our intention is to build to a Transition or Mini Contract (Off-Broadway contracts for small theaters) by 2022. Non-monetary compensation for the 2020 Season includes bi-weekly participation in readings, bi-weekly workshops and master classes in craft & business, weekly social events, on-the-job training in producing elements, and an actor-focused, creatively rich approach to our art.

There are no financial membership dues.


Self-Producing Training Program:

Select members who demonstrate commitment to ensemble work & passion for self-producing may be invited to join our Self-Producing Training Program. All participants get hands-on training in one specific area of producing per mainstage production cycle:

Audience and Donor Development
Company Management
Digital Media
Fundraising & Events
Grants & Major Gifts
Patron & Volunteer Services
Production Management
Public Relations
Social Media & Online Promotions

Participants are also given personal mentorship in leadership, team-building, goal-setting, and the craft of acting.

Those who excel in the Training Program course of a season may be considered for Company Membership. Company Members are given an exclusive management position at the company level, and receive the added benefits of pre-casting in fulfilling roles, the possibility of directing and/or writing mainstage shows, and being an ongoing, integral part of the executive production team.

Click here to learn about our current company members and ensemble.


To Submit:

If interested in becoming a member of our ensemble, please email us at with:

- Headshot & Resume.

- Details about your training.

- Your experience with (or interest in) producing elements like marketing, fundraising, outreach, and design (sets, lights, costumes.) Preference will be given to those with a passion for producing or an interest in learning all aspects of theatermaking.

- Which shows (if any) you've seen at The Seeing Place.

- Why you are interested in being a part of a year round ensemble, and what do you think you can bring to the group.

Again, please email this information to


We're looking forward to hearing from you!




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